ENJOY Montpellier

Stay well at Montpellier, choosing the right option

We want your stay in Montpellier to be enriching and enjoyable, so it’s vital to choose accommodation that is right for you.
ENJOY Montpellier accords great importance to the quality and comfort of the lodgings we offer and we have a department dedicated to selecting only accommodation that satisfies our stringent standards. A member of staff visits all lodgings beforehand and we have a fixed procedure in place to monitor feedback and quality at the end of each stay.
We offer a wide range of accommodation options to choose from depending on your age, requirements, and budget.

Family Homestay

If you want total linguistic and cultural immersion, opt for a family homestay.
2 Options
Bed & Breakfast: private room with breakfast
Half-board: private room with breakfast and dinner.

Hotel-type Serviced Apartment

If you prefer to be independent, enjoy the comfort of an apartment while also benefiting from some hotel services.

  • Ideal for those who want superior accommodation very close to the city centre.

Private Studio Flats

Should you prefer to rent your own studio near the city centre, ENJOY Montpellier has some private apartments available on request.


This option will enable you to share an apartment with other foreign or French locals. This is also one of the cheapest option.